Bernadette D.

Aug5th 2020

Nine months after Surgery for a spinal fusion L4/L5 I was still experiencing pain that was curtailing my ability to be as active as I like to be. My physician assistant from the neuorosurgery that I attend recommended that I make an appointment with Advantage Physical Therapy as they had previously helped many of her patients recover well from their surgeries.

Upon meeting Ron and his staff I immediately felt very comfortable with my initial consultation and felt that with a regime of dry needling and pool therapy that I would finally feel some relief. I am very happy to report that within a month of treatment I felt some immediate improvement and was able to increase my exercise level by at least 50 percent without increased pain. I loved walking and gradually running on the treadmill in the pool and doing my exercises in the water along with dry needling. By three months of treatment, I was pain-free and had a greater range of mobility.

I cannot begin to even express how thankful I am for the treatment that I received from Ron, Estee, and their staff. I always felt extremely comfortable asking questions and receiving great advice. One of the things about Ron and Estee that impressed me is that they truly care about their patients and if they feel someone else may be able to help them in another town or city or in a different field of therapy they make great recommendations.

I also love the fact that you can make appointments without a referral from a Physician and they are very accommodating about fitting you in as soon as possible. To say that I am a fan of Ron, Estee and their staff would be an understatement! I am very grateful to be able to be pain free and back to being active again!

I have also recommended Advantage Physical Therapy to several friends and I know that they have both been extremely happy with the great level of care that they have received. It is always comforting to know that in the future that if I need further treatment that I can always call and ask a question or make an appointment and will always receive great treatment!