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I had a rotator cuff and labrum repair on my shoulder and had somewhat of a frozen shoulder when I came in to AOPT. Dr. Ron immediately asked me what my goals were and knew I was currently still working and needed to get back to full function. In less than 4 weeks I am SIGNIFICANTLY better and it’s all because they truly care about your progress here and are super knowledgeable. The staff is great and the atmosphere is relaxing. After being to three different physical therapists, Dr. Ron really knows his stuff and truly is the best. If you’re debating where to go, stop reading reviews and trust that they are the best! I don’t give reviews unless I truly believe they deserve it and if there was 10 stars i’d give it!

Carinne Ramirez

I broke my ankle a couple of years ago and had pins put in and removed. I was left with tingling on the top of my foot and was told it could be chronic pain syndrome by the orthopedic doctor. Told the pain may or may not go away. At this time Ron was beginning to do dry needling in his practice. Ron is my son. I really didn’t believe in dry needling that much because I had tried acupuncture for other things and it didn’t work. Ron kept insisting that I should let him dry needle my foot. I finally did and now I am a believer!! Pain gone and stayed gone! My husband also had plantar fasciitis so bad one day he could not stand on his foot. Ron dry needled him and it was instantly improved drastically and by the second treatment gone! Ron and Estee both have helped me with my shoulder/neck pain that causes me terrible headaches. They are awesome PT’s and so glad they are my children!!

Donna Pavkovich

Everyone was caring, skilled, kind, and wonderful to work with. I was hesitant to do physical therapy after breaking my foot because I wasn’t sure how I would work it into my busy schedule. But it was worth every minute. They helped me regain my strength and function and significantly decreased the pain and discomfort I was experiencing through challenging and thoughtful therapy. I couldn’t be more pleased with my results and they made PT fun. Jacob and Spencer worked with me most frequently and were fantastic, but my experience with everyone on the team was positive. I would highly recommend Advantage.

Ronda Webber

I’ve been treated by Ron and Estee at Advantage Physical therapy off and on for the last few years. I suffer from tennis elbow and tendinitis in my shoulder from weight lifting. I went to another physical therapy clinic before finding Advantage and my results were not nearly as good. Ron and Estee will work with you and find a plan that works for you. If I have a flare up they’re more than happy to work my into their busy schedule to get me back on the right track. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a top flight physical therapy clinic.

Ryan Shive

Thanks so much to Ron and the team at Advantage PT! It was by far the best therapy environment I have had the pleasure of benefiting from. From the start, you guys all demonstrated a caring and highly personalized approach to my healing. I am a convert to the cautious but aggressive style of rehabbing an injury, not just from my own results but also from watching your persistence with other patients and seeing how well people responded to your methods. Thanks also to Brian, Andrew, and Jacob for assisting me personally. Great family feeling. I’m sure to be back when I break again, probably after New Zealand (ha ha!) Cheers!

Peter Krause

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Megan Carr

Came to Advantage with a forearm injury from rock climbing. Ron was extremely knowledgeable about the quickest ways to treat me as well as being very nice to work with. I was able to recover within 4 sessions with him over 2 weeks. Highly recommend. 

Ashlyn Stiener

Ron & Estee are extremely knowledgeable therapists and care about getting to know all patients on a personal level. They were a pleasure to learn from as a student & they are not only great clinicians but excellent educators.