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Mulligan’s Concept in Lexington

At Advantage Orthopedic Performance and Training Physical Therapy in Lexington, KY, we specialize in offering the revolutionary Mulligan’s Concept in manual therapy. Created by esteemed physiotherapist Brian Mulligan from New Zealand, this unique approach is designed to alleviate pain and enhance joint mobility effectively. Our expert physical therapists engage patients actively in their treatment using innovative techniques like “mobilizations with movement” (MWMS) for extremities and “sustained natural apophyseal glides” (SNAGS) for the spine.

Innovative Mulligan’s Concept in Physical Therapy

Pain-Free Movement and Joint Function: Central to the Mulligan’s Concept are MWMS and SNAGS, aimed at restoring painless joint mobility and spinal function. These techniques promote natural, effortless movement, fostering active patient participation in their recovery.
Empowering Patients: We extend our therapy beyond the clinic by teaching patients self-management techniques. Utilizing tools like foam pads and mobilization belts, we make it possible for patients to continue their recovery at home, ensuring ongoing progress and self-empowerment.

Advantage Orthopedic’s No-Pain Treatment Philosophy

  • Gentle and Effective Mobilization: Our no-pain philosophy at Advantage Orthopedic Performance and Training Physical Therapy ensures that MWMS and SNAGS are applied gently, effectively mobilizing joints and the spine without causing discomfort. This approach reduces pain and stiffness, corrects positional faults, and enhances the overall therapy experience.
  • Customized Treatment for Every Patient: The versatility of the Mulligan’s Concept allows us to tailor treatments for a variety of acute and chronic conditions, catering specifically to each patient’s needs, especially those with joint issues or limited mobility.

Comprehensive Patient Evaluation for Personalized Care

  • Tailored Care Through Detailed Assessment: Each patient undergoes a thorough evaluation to determine the most appropriate application of the Mulligan’s Concept. This assessment is vital for creating a personalized treatment plan addressing the specific needs of each individual.
  • Proven Success Across Various Conditions: Our Lexington, KY physical therapy treatments incorporating the Mulligan’s Concept have shown remarkable success, particularly in patients with joint pain or mobility restrictions, achieving significant improvements in motion range and pain relief.

Experience the Mulligan’s Concept in Lexington

Your Journey to Enhanced Mobility and Comfort: If joint pain or mobility constraints are hindering your quality of life, the Mulligan’s Concept at Advantage Orthopedic Performance & Training could be your solution. Our skilled therapists are committed to offering effective, empathetic care.

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Ron is a rare well informed innovative healer that has a natural motivating impact. The staff is highly motivated to assist you as well. 

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I had a fantastic experience here at Advantage Physical Therapy. The owners are always there to make you feel at ease which is always a plus for me. Some owners don’t even show up to their own practice. So kudos to them. I would advise anyone to come here. Great place!