Steven G.

Aug10th 2020

I hurt my shoulder pretty badly to a point where I had little to no movement in my arm. After speaking with my doctor to ultimately find out I had a torn tendon in my shoulder, I was instructed to rehab my arm through physical therapy. I spoke to numerous people and browsed online to find the best physical therapy location, but I had to look no further than AOPT. Ron and his staff are extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Ron took the time to sit down and speak with me about the nature of my injury. After doing so, he developed a plan to work out and strengthen my shoulder back to 100%. I worked with numerous staff members throughout my time at AOPT, and each one of them helped to ensure I was completing the proper excises and getting my necessary treatment. I can now say that my shoulder is back to full strength and could not be happier. I will continue to keep a strong relationship with Ron and his staff and should I suffer another injury, I will know exactly where to go. I strongly recommend AOPT for any Physical Therapy treatment you may need!